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Hanging Baskets
A group of attractive plants in a hanging basket will provide a lovely display.The best way to do this is to use a combination of foliage plants and flowers,the flowers being your main focus and the foliage being the accent.
When choosing foliage use a combination of silver leaved plants and trailing plants with hints of gold,greens and reds.If you prefer,plant a hanging basket of just foliage chosen for their colourful and contrasting leaves.

Hedera Helix (english ivy)

f you can!Helpful Hints
Buy plants young,it is cheaper this way and not to mention the experience you'll gain raising the plant yourself!

If you have potted plants grouped together,which is a great way to grow beautiful greenery,place a small dish of water in the middle for added air humidity.

Rotate your plants to maintain even and healthy all round growth.Rotate on a regular basis,do it dai

Be sure to wash all pots with warm water everytime you buy or reuse them,this will help prevent passing of pests and diseases.Don't be afraid to use just a drop of dishsoap!

This page has info on anything&everything about House Plants!

Now that summer is here many of us our tempted to move indoor plants outdoors.Be careful of where you place these plants.The direct light of the sun will surely burn plants and they may never recover.Make sure to place in a shadey spot.Remember,most of the house plants we know & love originated in the shady,tree filled rainforests!

Below is a container garden filled with an assortment of tropical house plants.Containers are great for balconies as they provide the look of an outdoor garden.However,don't restrict yourself to just house plants as you'll find that there is a wide assortment of annuals and bedding plants that provide bright beautiful colours and give a lush look to your balcony.

mixed arrangement

Clay Pots versus Plastic Pots

There are two basic makes of pots-clay and plastic and each has its own plus and minuses.Nevertheless,either clay or plastic makes a perfectly good home for any plant.
One of the main differences between the two is the watering requirements.With clay you have to water more often because the clay draws the water away from the soil more quickly,and so with plastic you are watering less often.Remember to look for good drainage in a plastic pot!

......................CLAY v PLASTIC........................
Clay Advantages;
Heavier so less likely to fall over.
Overwatering won't be a problem because of the porous nature.
The natural look of a clay pot provides a perfectly suitable home for any houseplant.
The clay draws any damaging salts away from the soil.

Plastic Advantages;
Plastic pots are lighter and less likely to break.
You won't have to water as much.
Hundreds of colours and designs to choose from.