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Theophrastus,an ancient Greek philosopher started it all with a list of about 450 plants over 2000 years ago! Not until around 1753,did Linnaeus publish Species Plantarum which is when the scientific order of naming plants began!
How plants are named,using English Ivy as an example.
"Hedera Helix" is the latin or scientific name.
"Common Ivy" is the common or English name.

Did You Know?

Where some of the names of our favorite plants came from...
AGLAONEMA-Greek for "a point".The bracts in the flower head are spear like.
AZALEA-Greek for "dry",which is an odd origin seeing how this is a moisture loving plant.
BEGONIA-Named after Micheal Begon an 18th century Govenor of French Canada.
IMPATIENS-Latin for "impatient" because the ripe seed pods burst and eject seeds when touched.

More Origins....

CALATHEA;Greek for "basket",would you believe that this plant was used by American Indians for baket making!
CHLOROPHYTUM;Greek for "green plant".
FUCHSIA;Named after Leonhart Fuchs a 16th century German physician and botanist.
MONSTERA;Latin for "monstrous",most likely referring to the very large leaves.