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Plant Fun for Kids

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Kids can be Indoor Gardeners Too!

For fun cut off the top inch from a fully grown carrot.Put the cut end facing down in the soil in a 5-6 inch pot leaving the top exposed.Within a month there will be a pretty display of green feathery foliage.Keep in a cool partially shaded spot.

Cacti and Succulents for Kids...

Cacti and Succulents are great starter plants for kids they can put up with long periods of neglect and are very easy to maintain.
Cacti and Succulents are also very interesting and odd looking plants which come in all kinds of varieties for kids to choose from and have fun with.

Cactus's are thick juicy plants usually covered in needles or hair.The requirements are simple;average warmth from spring to autumn and keep cooler in winter also,choose the sunniest spot available.Water like a normal houseplant during summer but keep almost dry from mid autumn on,watering only once a month.Fresh air is a good idea during summer as no air humidity is really needed.

Cacti and Succulents actually have a lot in common as Cacti is a distinct group of Succulents.Succulents are plants with thick,fleshy leaves that store water.The requirements are as follows;average warmth in spring and summer and a little cooler during winter.Keep in a bright window with no direct sunlight and water normally in summer and once a month during winter.


Using the large stone found inside the fruit you can grow a beutiful large leaved speciman plant up to 3ft tall!This of course takes a couple of years but this plant is still easy enough for an older child to grow.There is a sense of pride and acheivement in growing such a plant!

Just push the blunt end of the stone into a 5-6 inch pot filled with potting compost,leave the pointed end exposed.
Keep warm until leaves appear and treat as a normal house plant year round,keeping cooler in winter.Repot annually and pinch out the ends to promote bushy growth.

Please Note;This experiment is suggested for an older child as it is a bit more demanding.

Fun Stuff.....
Plant seeds from food items you usually have around the house such as pepper seeds(green,red,yellow,sweet,hot,etc.)unroasted coffee beans;unroasted peanuts;and seeds from any citrus fruit.
Plant seed in a small pot with drainage,use a good compost and water but don't soak it;plant seed(s) about an inch deep and about half an inch apart;place in a sunny spot with no direct sun.
Kids can do this by themselves and let them grow the plant in their bedroom or facorite spot.

Keep Posted for more Plant Fun for Kids!