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All You Need to Know About Indoor Gardening

Many plants that we bring home originated in the Rainforest & other Tropical areas!

Did you know that most of the plants we love to grow in our homes come from the warm,tropical regions of the rainforest!

Peace Lily

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Plant Facts

According to my sources,the average household has at least one  to 6 plants.Some households even have more then 12!

The most populer times to buy p
Interesting Facts...                            

lants are Christmas,Mothers Day,and Easter!

The places most House Plants are bought are
in garden centers or nurseries,
at the grocery store,
from a florist.

Where we place our plants in the home
11% grow plants in the bedroom.
34% place plants in the hall way or landing.
12% grow plants in the bathroom
79% put their plants in the livingroom
28% place plants in the dining room.
51% grow plants in the kitchen